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Going to the dentist is a necessity, but no one likes to go for all the obvious reasons. But when it is time Dr. Pope along with his dental expertise, friendly staff, and high tech office environment makes the experience relaxing and easy. I have been a patient for 22 years and would not think of going to any other dentist.

Florence Mitchell

I had a very bad experience with a dentist involving a lack of anesthesia during a procedure, so when I went to Dr. Pope, I was a little trepidatious—actually, terrified. Dr. Pope assured me that he would make sure that I didn't feel a thing. And he seemed to understand my fear, not condescend to me or dismiss my fears. He began the procedure, and I waited for the pain. The next thing I knew, he said, “All done!” I blinked, then said, “I wub you.” Obviously, he had made sure I was appropriately medicated. I don't know how many declarations of love he's gotten, but I'm not on medication anymore and I still feel like he's deserving of my “wub.”

Thanks, Dr. Pope!

The moment you walk into Dr. Pope's door you have a feeling of professionalism. I know that Dr. Pope and his staff are using the latest equipment and techniques to make my visit pleasant. I didn't take very good care of my teeth as a youth and I have had to have alot of work done on my teeth as an adult. Going to the dentist used to be something that I dreaded but Dr. Pope has changed that.

Gerald Garrison

I decided to change dentists when I realized I needed a crown. They can be expensive as we all know. I called my dental care provider and she told me how to find a dentist in my network so that I could get the best coverage. I decided to call Dr. Pope's office. I am so glad I did. Not only did I save money on my crown, but Dr. Pope and his staff quickly became my friends. They all made me feel comfortable from the very first phone call. My crown was kind of hard to fit, but Dr. Pope ever so patiently adjusted it until it was just right. My crown fits perfectly and I am glad that I found a great dentist. My husband will also be switching as soon as he is ready for his check up. Thank you to Dr. Pope and his entire staff.

Sincerely, Cathy Cutrer